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This is a simple howto lesson that acts as some default content for a fresh installation of AContent, and as a primer, to get you started creating AContent lessons.

What's a Lesson?

The word lesson has been used to describe the content of a learning unit you might create in AContent. A lesson however, could be a complete course, or just a single page of content. The word lesson was used to encourage the creation of smaller, more manageable units of information, perhaps focused on a small number of sub-topics. Creating a course might involve creating several subtopics as several lessons, that together when imported into a learning system make up a larger topic, or a course.

When using AContent as a content repository with other systems, there are often file size limits placed on these systems. If you create a lesson as a complete course, the space it occupies, and thus the file size of an exported content package, may be too large to transfer between systems, particularly if it contains multimedia. There are no real limits on the size of a lesson, though you should try to keep them as small as possible to ensure they will transfer across systems.

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