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Thank you for purchasing the FinFinancials system.

This product has been developed after extensive research on Saccos both in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. The main Features of this system include

  • Cash/Cheques Management module
  • FOSA Module
  • BOSA Module
  • Accounts Module (Integrated, Real-Time Posting)
  • Branchless Operations Module


Cash/Cheque Management Module
This module is responsible for receiving all cash and cash equivalent into the system. It mainly runs under the domain of the Tellers and the Chief Cashier. Tellers can receive cash, pay cash, receive cheques, encash cheques, receive loan and share payments in cash, Direct Debits, Cheque Preparation Module, chief teller’s transactions module. The system can support an infinite number of tellers working simultaneously. The system also supports online authorizations of transactions to enhance security.

FOSA Module

This module is responsible for handling all transactions relating to front office that do not directly involve cash movement. Sub modules under this module include fixed deposits module, standing orders module, Auxiliary balances management, group accounts management, dormant account management module, Non-cash ledger transactions module and authorization management.

Fixed deposits module manages call deposits that a Sacco may have for corporate and individual members. Standing orders module manages standing order instructions. Auxiliary balances module ensures that member’s deposits balances are taken correctly during the year and thus interest awarded is fair. Journal Entries are passed in the Ledger transactions module.



BOSA Module

This module contains sub-modules that are responsible for loans registration, appraisal, approval and posting. These sub-modules have a wizard like feature which make is simpler for users to register, appraise, approve and post loans. Under the BOSA module, there is a module for managing shares and share variations. Interest management is also handled under the BOSA module.  The system supports separate accounts for loan balances and interest balances so that interest is not charged on interest. Fin-Sacco also features an optional file movement module to manage file movement where there are loan application backlogs.

Accounts Module
Fin-Sacco features an integrated GL System that generally handles all the Sacco transactions. The GL is integrated and interfaced with cash services module, FOSA and BOSA module. FinFinancials also offers an optional feature to upload daily transactions to a conventional and independent ledger module (Offered as a module within LeasePAC). Transactions are updated real time and it is technically possible to tell the position of the Sacco at any point in time during the day/month.


WEB Enquiry Module

The system has a WEB interface that allows for members within the intranet to access their account balance and statements information via a browser. Members also get information regarding the status of their guarantor-ship. This is expected to reduce the number of enquiries that members make. When Completed, Clients will be also be able to submit loan application forms online. This information will later be vetted against the manual form for conformity.

System Security

Security plays an important role in any Financial System. FinFinancials has implemented security at three levels; at the database level, at Windows level and at application Level. This ensures that the Sacco’s information is well guarded against malicious and accidental damage. Fintech greatly values security of its client business. There is a separate security module implemented with high levels of validation. The features of the security module include profiles, assignment of access levels, system security audit trail, monitoring of user accesses as well as Windows authentication and reporting of illegal access.

SMS Banking

The SMS banking module of the system ensures that clients get timely updates on the status of their loans applications in addition to the notifications of loan, savings and shares accounts balances. This improves service delivery.

Branchless Operations
FinFinancials Comes with a distributed branch architecture that ensures members enjoy branchless operations thus improving on service delivery. All branches update their own transactions with copies being sent to head-office for reporting, validation and authentication.
























If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve any part of our product in respect of Operation, Manual or Help functions, we would welcome your comments and suggestions to:

























We at FINTECH have tried to make an extremely complex and powerful product, FinFinancials System, simple and easy to use but with the ability to deploy all the many features which are at your disposal, as you need them.


Finfinancials programs are designed to let you build your system to suit the size and nature of your business and the type of computer equipment you have.

All FINTECH programs operate in a uniform style, so your experience with FinFinancials will prepare you for other FINTECH windows products you may acquire later.



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Table of contents




1.1 Log in. 13

2.0 VIEW... 16

2.1 Log Out User 16

2.2 Change Password. 17

2.3 System logs. 18

3.0 SETUP.. 19

3.1 General Set Up Sets. 19

3.1.1 Bank Accounts. 21

3.1.2 Cash Accounts. 22

3.1.3 Exchange Range Setup. 23

3.2 Set up Users. 24

3.3 Setup Roles. 25

3.4 Setup Rights. 26

3.5 Setup modules. 27

4.0 END OF PERIOD.. 28

4.1 End of period. 28


5.1 System Charges. 29

5.2: Loan Schemes. 32

5.3 Saving Schemes. 35

5.4 Tellers. 37

5.5 Holidays. 39

5.6 Transaction codes. 40

5.8 Membership types. 43

5.9 Sectors. 44

5.10 Backup database. 45

5.11 Bank and Branches. 48

5.12 Import Data. 49

5.13 Login Image. 52

5.14 Regions. 53



















Table of figures                                                                             

Figure 1: Log in Screen. 12

Figure 2: Domain screen. 12

Figure 3: Main page screen. 13

Figure 4: Logout user 15

Figure 5: change password. 16

Figure 6: view error screen. 17

Figure 7:  General setups screen. 18

Figure 8: Adding a setup. 19

Figure 9: Bank accounts. 20

Figure 10: Cash accounts. 21

Figure 11: Exchange rate set up. 22

Figure 12: Setup users. 23

Figure 13: Setup roles. 24

Figure 14: Setup rights. 25

Figure 15: System modules. 25

Figure 16: Setup modules. 26

Figure 17: End of period. 27

Figure 18: Tools and maintenance. 28

Figure 19: Edit screen. 29

Figure 20: Maintain other Charges. 30

Figure 21: Loan schemes attributes. 31

Figure 22: Loan Scheme Attributes Screen. 32

Figure 23: Saving schemes. 34

Figure 24: Captured Saving Schemes Screen. 35

Figure 25: Teller Definition screen. 36

Figure 26: Teller Listing Screen. 37

Figure 27: Holidays. 38

Figure 28: Transaction Codes. 39

Figure 29: Branches. 40

Figure 30: Add Branches Screen. 41

Figure 31: Membership Types. 42

Figure 32: Sectors Definition Screen. 43

Figure 33: Database Backup Screen. 44

Figure 34: Back up Screen. 45

Figure 35: Successful Back up Screen. 45

Figure 36: Bank and Branches Screen. 47

Figure 37: Data Import Screen. 48

Figure 38: Import File Screen. 49

Figure 39: Import Product Screen. 49

Figure 40: General Details Screen. 50

Figure 41: Login Image Screen. 51

Figure 42:   Regions. 52


























This chapter explains how to get started on the Finfinancials web system. 


1.1 Log in

If application is successfully accessed the below screen is displayed where users must provide login credentials.

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